Trading ERP

Do you know that 90% of trading companies that are not operating as organization are getting closed down in less than 3 years?

Most trading companies runs with human dependencies and more like a self-employed business.

Only process oriented business can achieve sustainability which can leads to saleability to expand your business.

Storyboard ERP for Trading & Services helps you to streamline your day to day business operations such as sales, Purchase, Inventory, Payables, Receivable, Finance, HR & Payroll.

Now implement our storyboard ERP and make your business as process oriented organization.

Sales Management System - Features

  • Supports multiple currencies, multiple tax structure

  • Support customer database with multiple branches, contacts, credit control

  • Enquiry tracker with scheduled call log & field log

  • Quotation follow up with revised quotation history

  • Quotation format in pdf, excel, word & in-line mail to customer

  • Sales Order Management & status tracker

  • Complete workflow system that provides instant information of order status

  • Support multiple Delivery Order Note for one Order

  • Can receive part payments from customer and track pending invoices

  • Supports foreign exchange rate management, remittance bank charges

Purchase Management System - Features

  • Fully automate the requisition-to-GRN process

  • Create purchase requisitions and route them for approval as a work flow system

  • Supports both Parallel approval & Sequence Approval

  • Consolidate multiple requisition from different users into one Purchase Order

  • Create multiple Purchase order for different vendors from a single Purchase Requisition

  • Create multiple enquiry to different vendors from a single Purchase Requisition

  • Generate Purchase Order from previous Quotations received from vendor for frequent Purchase Requisitions

  • Accept multiple Goods Receipt for one Purchase Order

  • Can make part payments to vendor and track pending invoices

  • 4 Way Match between Purchase Requisition - Purchase Order - GRN – Invoice

Inventory Management System - Features

  • Accurate book keeping of inventory.

  • Provides item tracking by lot number, serial number and expiration date

  • Interface with purchase software for stock in details

  • Interface with sales software for stock out details.

  • Locations can represent warehouses, areas, bins, trucks etc.

  • Support linear and 2D Barcode for materials inward & outward

  • Product Re-order-level management.

Payable Management System - Features

  • Immediate registration of incoming invoices.

  • Tracking and Authorization of immediate invoices

  • Entry of order based and sundry invoices

  • Automatic matching of invoices with receipts.

  • Accounts classification for reconciliation.

Receivable Management System - Features

  • On-line credit management.

  • Reminder letters with varying degrees of severity.

  • Aging analysis reports for review.

  • Accounts classification for reconciliation and control.

  • Customer statements.

Finance Management System - Features

  • Chart of accounts with flexible account grouping

  • Income and expenditure statement

  • Cash flow statements : outgoing, incoming

  • Bank book & cash book management

  • Journal entries and journal adjustments

  • Snapshot Trial Balance, P & L and Balance Sheet generation

HR Management System - Features

  • Automated HR process

  • Employee Engagement & Enrolment

  • Employee Hierarchy Management

  • Integrated Attendance System - Biometric, Proximity & I-Attendances

  • Workflow based Leave Management System

  • Employee Shift Management – Shift Roaster

  • Employee Document Management

  • Employee Performance Tracker

  • Employee Self Service Portal

Payroll Management System - Features

  • Integrated Attendance Management System

  • Salary Component & Salary Grade Management

  • Salary Pay run wizard

  • Automated Pay slip generation and email dispatch

  • Statutory Payment Management

  • Bank Integration

  • Annual returns (TDS forms)

  • Promotions and appraisals tracker

  • Settlement Process

  • Employee Loan Management