Positive Purchase

In our competitive world, saving cost is equals to revenue generated. Purchase of goods and services costs almost 40 – 60% of the average company’s revenue (Ref: Aberdeen Research).

An efficient purchase management system in place can save between 8% - 12% of the total procurement cost. In manual purchase process, it is often difficult for organizations to identify the gaps and opportunities to save cost.

Companies often goes for Maverick purchase due to lack of system which result in

  • Poor spend visibility
  • Lack of process control
  • Potential business loss
  • Productivity loss
  • High Inventory Cost

Vcidex Positive Purchase Management System can be an effective tool for organisation to automate their purchasing process and thereby helps the management to gain visibility and control over the purchasing process which can open up the opportunity to save cost in many ways.

Vcidex PMS can help you to streamline your end user requirements, control spending with approval mechanism, reduce paperwork with workflow based system, lower prices by aggressive vendor negotiation, lower inventory by increasing turnaround time and comply with Government and Audit regulations.

With Rapid implementation and user-friendly support by Vcidex, Organization can realize higher levels of user adoption, low total cost of ownership and a better positive return on your investment.

Unique Selling Points

  • Raise Requisition with TAT (Turn Around Time)

  • Hierarchical based review & approval process

  • Cost Center budget control

  • Vendor categorization based on product group

  • Dynamic quotation comparison

  • Rate contract management system

  • Auto Purchase Order generation

  • 3 way matching for payment (PO – GRN – Invoice)

  • Vendor login portal

Our Proposition

Deeper capability with proven track record of successful implementation
Enhanced business processes workflow for business expansion
Better decision making with more accurate data
Quick return on investment more accurate data
Rapid implementation more accurate data

Purchasing Process


Planned Purchase

Thoughtful Purchase

Priority Purchase


Right Product

Right Quantity

Right Price

Right Vendor

Right Time


Positive Cash Flow

Quality end product/services

Higher Profits

Positive Purchase